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As a locally owned and operated organic farm, Miller’s Farm in Highland, AR, is here for all your fresh produce and homemade goods. We offer a wide variety of jams, jellies, canned vegetables, and homemade goods to customers around the world, allowing you to get a taste of your favorite country classics wherever you may be.

Our selection of organic vegetables and fruits varies by season, allowing your family to have wholesome foods all year long. Whether you love fresh tomatoes in the summer, sweet corn for the fall, or onions and garlic during the winter, we have everything you need to keep your pantry well stocked. 

Plus, we are able to can almost any vegetable, allowing you to have the organic produce you love whenever the mood strikes.

Call us today to ask about our selection of organic vegetables and fruits or to ask for more information regarding our organic farming. We are happy to assist however we can, including world-wide shipping and delivery of our organic vegetables and fruits, canned goods, or homemade items to anywhere within a 20-mile radius. You can also feel free to stop by and visit us during business hours.

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