Farm Fresh Foods All Year Long

Organic Farming in Highland, AR


Our fresh produce, canned foods, and homemade goods are available for shipping across the nation and around the globe. Now you can enjoy farm-fresh items anywhere in the world!  


Though we’ve been open to the public for over ten years, our family farm has been in operation for more than 25. Our organic fruits and vegetables are second to none, delivering freshness and flavor unmatched in markets and grocery stores.    

Senior and Military Discounts

We offer 10 percent discounts to seniors and members of the military, both past and present. It’s our small way of saying thank you for all you’ve done.

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At Miller’s Farm in Highland, AR, organic farming is in our blood. Though we have been serving the public for 10 years, our farm has been in operation for more than 25, providing fresh, organic fruits and vegetables to our family and friends. We wanted to share our expertise with the world, so we decided to open our farm up for business a decade ago; the rest is history.

In addition to our high-quality organic fruits and vegetables, we also create homemade goods, canned foods, jams, and jellies according to traditional recipes passed down over generations. 

Our mission is to become the area’s one-stop shop for fresh produce and country classics, enabling your family to enjoy flavor and quality that’s missing in chain stores and supermarkets.

Located in Sharp County, we are easily accessible to everyone in the area. Call us today to ask about our seasonal selections of organic fruits and vegetables or to request a shipping order. If you are unable to drive to us and live within 20 miles of our local farm, we are happy to provide delivery. Thank you for choosing Miller’s Farm for all your organic vegetables, fruits, and country classics and know that we look forward to serving you!